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One of the worst things about Trump is that he is bringing out the worst in his enemies. He is so ghastly that they feel entitled to vomit out the worst of their vanity, group hate, racism and narrow-mindedness, in the unacknowledged certainty that any stick is good enough to beat Trump and Trumpies with, that hate for Trump validates itself and is obviously right. People are saying things that would have been beyond the pale (or only said in the presence of ideological partners) two years ago.

I have had to defriend and block one of the great of comics art, Bill Sienkiewicz. The reason why is behind the LJ-cut, except for what are to me the key words, which are in plain view: Bill Sienkiewicz hmmm....I'm beginning to get a strong impression we don't agree, Fabio Paolo Barbieri ;-). ( caveat - I didn't edit this - so beware misspellings etc) Please understand my anger and contempt for him and his crew isn't irrational, as much as you'd suggest it is. I'm pretty much a 'live and let live 'kind of guy ,so for me to get as vocal or passionate about something to this extent means it's beyond the boundaries that can be ignored or shrugged off. I've also done decades of analysis to understand what drives me and what motivates people, and to process and be aware of all the ways we as bags of somewhat sentient meat can go off the rails. I grew up with narcissists and fearful devotees of religious dogma, and I saw firs hand how anger and fear made hem miserable. Whatever the cause: personal " demons", lack of introspection and/or self examination and simple hard work on one's self. It's our personal responsibility to avoid becoming exactly the kind of broken( as in severely malfunctioning) person Trump is.

That said I freely admit I do not have the answers for anyone else -So as stupid as I still am-and with so much left to learn- I do know I speak from a place of certain personal authority and experience . I believe in evidence, science, facts, truth ,and proof, in doing what is necessary to adjust my behaviors to not ruin othe people's lives- to accept and embrace reality in all it's grace and horror and potential wonder and sadness , not to ignore the truth - or outright reject it -nor attempt to bend and distort reality to fit my concept or delusion of how I feel things should be but aren't.
So irrational, no-- But passionate as hell, you bet--- based -again- in the reality of his words and actions and in genuine concern for the welfare not only of the USA but of the planet itself. In short , on real- world evidence, something neither he nor his team, nor his devotees, seem to have any use for.
It's scientifically proven ( I'm not going out to post links- they re everywhere for anyone who wants to stray from their comfort of the FOX/ breitbart bubble) --- that conservatives are genetically wired, and innately predisposed to being afraid-- fearful- of new experiences ,and also that a vast majority of people who voted for him are equally stunted and lacking ithe ability for scrutiny and follow factual evidence. I'm not saying they're all stupid, but evidence supports the case that many cannot process information, lack critical thinking, relying instead reactionary responses, emotions and solutions based on fear and anger.: And the one percenters who believe in him may not be "stupid" or lacking in critical thinking per se, they just know they're going to get a huge payday if they play along. So yeah they may no be stupid, but they certainly are self serving opportunistic sorts, lacking in empathy and sense of moral or social responsibility.

So about Trump: He's divisive, fearful, emotionally stunted, narcissistic, pathologically incapable fo telling the truth, not terribly smart, shallow, selfish, cheap, insecure, vindictive, petty, sexist, racist, entitled, sociopathic, cruel, sadistic, and--- despite all these truly fantastic traits--all too easily led by the nose by anything that he can take as a compliment. So he's surrounded himself with equally divisive and fearful manipulators who play him like a fiddle and fool him like the child he is .
Not irrational.
And I'm done. I realize it's stream of consciousness and probably repetitive an unpolished . So be it. Its how I feel, andhow I see the world. And I'm not going out to say outright, but I'm willing to bet you'll disagree with everything I've set forth, That said, I do accept that likelihood., and understand that your experience and your upbringing-cultural and otherwise- as well as genetics-- have led you to this point-of awakening every day and think with the brain that you do. Same with me, it might explain some of our political differences. It would be wonderful to get on the same page. I still have hope that thees more that unites us than divides us- and I also mean "US" in a global sense.
I do wish you peace and understanding---two things I seriously doubt are in Trump's emotional wheelhouse.

Small point of pride, but I'll take 'em.

And I do want to address your political points in my next post to you --this one was really about the comments re DJT.

Bill Sienkiewicz made himself responsible, in a public post, for this kind of outburst. After that, breaking contact with him was the only way I could keep my self-respect.
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