Re: second part of the answer

Date: 2004-10-28 11:40 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I deny that sexual identity is secondary, accessory, socially conditioned, rather than natural and innate.

Then this would be where we disagree. I don't think heterosexuality or holding one gender identity versus another is innate, though heterosexuality is very common. It is merely convenient for reproduction, which is no longer a high priority for many people, so there's no longer a need for people to hide who they are and adhere to the social expectation to have/father children.

I say that girls play with dolls, and boys with toy pirate swords, because they are born that way.

And I had a wooden sword my father made for me, because when I was little, I wanted to be a knight. I also had Legos, chemistry sets, and video games.

I don't think children pop out of the womb with a preference for one type of toy over another one. They play with the toys they are given. Eventually, they prefer that type of toy because it's familiar.

Given that, of course if a person experiences, in his/her being, a major disharmony, then that person will have, as part of his/her basic identity, an inherent drive towards a particular sexual identity.

Let me see if I understand that right. Only people who have experienced some sort of traumatic event can be transgendered?

My point of view however is that if a person like you has picked such a subject as psychology, there is likely to be a reason.

I originally went into psychology because I didn't have the marks (or ability) to major in pre-medicine, but thought a related field of study might help me get there. I eventually started to enjoy psychology.
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