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Donald Trump is the end result of every subversive tendency in the Sexual Revolution. He is Justice Kennedy's "at the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life" incarnate and personified. That concept, of course, has nothing to with liberty: quite to the contrary, it is the installation of a tyrannical, uncontrolled ego at the centre of each human being's universe - the invention of a world of a million million tyrants. To "define one's own concept of meaning, of the universe" is to impose it on external reality. It is to say "that is what I want, that is what I order" to the world at large. Now the child of that thought walks into the White House.
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From now I shall use a new word. The kind of people who argue against a minimum wage are neither conservative (how DARE they?) nor libertarian. They are starvationists. Remember the word: STARVATIONISTS.
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A couple of years ago I deleted and eventually banned someone for horrid and strangely unselfconscious Jew-bashing. ("Well, of course it's true that Jews danced in the streets when the Twin Towers went down, and I can't imagine why you should say that I am prejudiced against Jews! I'm a very put-upon person!")

Since then this same person has resurfaced as a rabid Snapefan/Slytherfan, convinced that Hogwarts is a horrible brainwashing place, that Snape was a true hero, and that everyone from Albus Dumbledore to Neville Longbottom is varying degrees of evil and/or brainwashed. Oh, and that there was nothing discernibly wrong about blood prejudice and the Voldemort movement.

"By their fruit ye shall know them."
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My post of five days ago, about Kate Moss, has generated more reaction than I imagined, especially from two members of my f-list. I am, however, unhappy at some of the features of their debate; and I think it is time - as the starter of the thread, the man-in-charge of this blog, and a person, since age has been mentioned, older than either of you - to call for order in this debate. It has got rather more rancorous than I like. And it has gone on sterile, unprofitable ground, far away from its original point.

I will begin by administering both of you a spanking. If you wanna get mad, I will give you reason to get mad at me, instead of at each other.Read more... )


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