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1: Have you ever eaten seaweed? yeah.
2. Who sucks more: Bill O'Reily or Michael Moore? "Sir, there is no settling the precedence between a louse and a flea" (Dr.Johnson, and an endlessly useful quotation).
3. Have you ever been to a concert? Dozens
4. What kinds of things are currently on your bedroom floor? Books, comics, clothes, suitcases
5. Do you have any postetrs/wallscrolls? If so, what of? Several photos from Cafod, a relief agency, and a lot of artwork from Jeff Jones and Mike Kaluta
6. What is your Zodiac sign? Leo
7. How about you Chinese Zodiac? Tiger. Born in the month of the Lion of the year of the Tiger... think about it.
8. Favorite Tarot card? none
9. Did you beat the internet? who knows?
10. Have you ever stuck it to The Man/The Pigs/Johnny Law? If so, how? Bit old for that, but I took part in a couple of big demos long ago.
11. Read manga? Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind; 2001 Nights; and a lot of others I don't remember so well.
12. What is your favorite band, barring any bands from America, Canada or the U.K.? Do one-man bands count? In that case, Francesco Guccini and his ever-refilled glass of wine.
13. Complete this famous quote, filling in the blanks with your own words: "If men were naturally good, we wouldn't need schools, police, the judiciary, and armies."
14. Who will rise from R'Lyeh when the stars are right? Ia! Ia! Chthulhu fthaghn!
15. Did/do you like high school? An ongoing family break-up messed it up for me.
16. Are you hungry? not right now.
17. Do you like going to flea markets? If I have a few dozen pounds in my pockets, it can be just wonderful.
18. What was your favorite Christmas gift? You mean apart from the money?
19. Who do all your base belong to? Greenham Common protesters. Or at least, they think so.
20. Who set up us the bomb? (If you did not answer this question the same as you did 19, you need to use Google again.) And you need some grammar - the question does not make sense (read it again).
21. Do you play Kingdom of Loathing? If you do, what is your username? Can't be bothered.
22. If a band sells out does it mean they suck? Depends what you mean. They may not have been any good before; or they may just have moved over to a style you don't like.
23. Do you like watching movies about gladiators? No.
24. Do you like to wear ties? No.
25. Favorite colour nail polish? (*ROTFLMAO*)
26. Weirdest thing you've ever put in your mouth? You don't want to know.
27. Coolest underwater creature? Goodness. Corals... multi-coloured fish of all kinds... penguins... translucent jellyfish... the lovelier-shelled shellfish... there's all sorts of lovely stuff down there. Why do you think God made aquariums?
28. Do you have a favorite pair of gloves? nah.
29. Why should you keep your fork? On the remote chance that I can actually stick it into one of my many least favourite politicians... Bliar... Berlu-scummy... (stop dreaming, man)
30. The most important question on this list: Do you have stairs in your house? yeah.

Date: 2005-01-09 08:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] falco-conlon.livejournal.com
Ahaha. What can I say? I choose the best ones.


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