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...I was there when Watchmen first came out. I regard it as one of the biggest disappointments of my entire life and probably the worst thing Alan Moore ever did. Yes, so in real life people who went out in funny costumes with the idea of fighting crime would probably turn out to be brutes, rapists or inadequates. So what? Thirty years after we all agreed that superheroes were modern mythology, we really have to be so surprised by the fact that they are not realistic? Why, Stan Lee was smarter than this!
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When it was a matter of getting herself some publicity, Nicole Kidman got herself married to her current partner in a Catholic church, and in white, yet. You may remember my cynicism on the matter.

Now she takes the protagonist role in the movie of Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass, and even has the cheek to assure us that as she is so profoundly Catholic, she would never take a Catholic-bashing role, and therefore we may be sure that this is not a Catholic-bashing story at all.

I was insufficiently cynical about Ms.Kidman. It seems clear that her "Catholic" identity is nothing more than an asset to be spent in public when convenient for her and her employers. She is a cold, conscious, deliberate liar. And incidentally, Philip Pullman, who seems to have deliberately toned down his rants against God and the Church for the occasion of this movie's release, comes across as nearly as unprincipled.
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I have just been forced to watch some bits of MOULIN ROUGE, the movie. I hated it before I ever saw any, and the pieces I have seen have done nothing but make me loathe it. It is absolutely the opposite of anything I want to see in films, not to mention wrecking one of my favourite songs. (I loathe Elton John, but one has to concede that he wrote some damn good songs, and none better than "A song for you".)


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