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A house thief in Albano Laziale, near Rome, logged in onto his own Facebook account from the computer of the flat he was robbing. He is now spending time as a guest of the Italian taxpayer, meditating on the ability of the police to follow up electronic connections. The unusually lucky house-owner has been reunited with a good part of the loot.
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A rather battered-looking, elderly man was spotted walking about in the rain by a suspicious citizen in Long Branch, New Jersey. The police were called and, after some palaver, finally took the supposed bum to a hotel where he was staying and where he was able to prove that, yes, he was indeed Bob Dylan.
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ADN Kronos press agency - Mar 21 Feb

Buenos Aires, 21 feb, A woman knifed her husband because he did not want to have sex with her. It happened in Argentina, where a 52-year-old woman from Buenos Aires stabbed her obstinate husband in the back; he, however, is not seriously wounded. The woman told the police that she had spent the whole day trying to get him into bed, but that he had resisted every enticement.

''I was wearing stockings and garter and high heels in the home - the wife told the newspaper 'La Cuarta' - but he did not even seem to notice. I could not bear it, I went out of my skull, and I knifed him''. The husband, who called the police and charged his wife, has been treated in hospital for minor wounds. A spokesperson for the police said that the woman ''did not think she had done anything serious, she kept saying that he was her husband and that she had every right to force him to respect his conjugal duties. He kept refusing and she feels she was right in punishing him''.


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