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I wonder whether anyone at the BBC has the least idea just how repulsively hypocritical, murderously hypocritical, they look, when at one and the same time they go all lyrical about the Paralympics and disabled achievement, and they promote the old eugenics lies of abortion and euthanasia? Isn't it great that those of the "differently able" whom we haven't managed to kill in the womb or in the hospital are now winning medals! What wonderful people we are!
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...the silver and bronze medallists of one of the Olympic gun competitions not only shook hands, but hugged and did everything in their power to demonstrate the deepest love for each other. The silver medalist was Russian, the bronze Georgian. The BBC commentators were all over this like white on rice, calling it a wonderful display of the power of sports to bring people together.

I find it revolting.

The proper word for it is collaborationist. It is, traitorous. It is, quisling. Sorry, but if your troops have just invaded my country and killed hundreds if not thousands of my people, I will NOT shake your hand and I will NOT act as your friend. There are too many dead between us. I hope the Georgian woman is chased out of her country by popular rage.
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This is the worst music programme you have yet made. It is a genuine horror. For every minute of music there are five minutes of squeals, postures, overacting, natter, and nonsense. Where the Hell did the BBC get the idea that music is not enough to keep an audience interested? Are you morons, or do you think we are?
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The first thing the BBC commentator said of Italy (three times world champion and so on) is that we "bought referees - allegedly."

Subhuman scum.

If you want to see why I am furious, check out what happened to Italy in 2002. Then, in case you had any doubts who bought the refs and for what reason, check what happened to Spain in the same tourneament.


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